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eDiscovery or electronic discovery or e-discovery

eDiscovery is short for electronic discovery, which is defined as the process of discovery in civil litigation that is carried out in electronic formats. It encompasses what most often is referred to as electronically stored information, or ESI.

The process of identifying, preserving, collecting, processing, searching, reviewing and producing Electronically Stored Information that may be Relevant to a civil, criminal, or regulatory matter.




VenioOne Certified Administrator Workshop

VenioOne eDiscovery Blog VenioOne Certified Administrator Workshop

Venio is excited to announce our VenioOne Certified Administrator Training to help accelerate the success of your team on the VenioOne platform. This is an intensive two day course geared to the VenioOne “Power User” who wants an in-depth introduction to VenioOne or is interested in furthering their understanding of our unified eDiscovery Platform, one […]

A Valued Resource For Insourced eDiscovery

VenioOne eDiscovery Blog A Valued Resource For Insourced eDiscovery Technology Venio Systems VenioOne

Should you invest in eDiscovery? The eDiscovery industry has twisted and turned its way from the days of blowbacks and scanning printed documents.  Law firms, and the vendors that support them, have experienced a marketplace that has undergone rapid, multifaceted change affecting organizations of all size.

Technology in Practice 2017

VenioOne eDiscovery Blog Technology in Practice 2017

Gain Clarity. Learn from the Experts. Find Practical Solutions. Technology in Practice is a two-day North American eDiscovery and Technology conference connecting the best and brightest in eDiscovery to generate ideas that inspire, expand perspectives and drive our industry forward. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the industry’s greatest thought leaders at the North American conference […]

Important Innovations in eDiscovery – from ECA to Visual Analytics and Beyond

VenioOne eDiscovery Blog Important Innovations in eDiscovery - from ECA to Visual Analytics and Beyond Company VenioOne

Originally posted on LinkedIn Over the last ten years, eDiscovery has seen pockets of innovation and the most interesting innovations, such as artificial intelligence and active learning, are happening now. The ongoing transition online and generating communications, materials, etc. via our laptops, phones, and other systems has placed an exponential amount of stress on the […]

Dynamic Foldering Added To The VenioOne eDiscovery Platform

VenioOne eDiscovery Blog Dynamic Foldering Added To The VenioOne eDiscovery Platform Technology

In collaboration with our group of Trusted Partners, we have added Dynamic Folder technology to our VenioOne Unified eDiscovery Platform to enhance Quality Control workflows and streamline the sharing of search queries (not search results) among members of review teams. What is a Dynamic Folder? A VenioOne Dynamic Folder is a Saved Search Query with options (NOT Saved […]